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This Amulet is all about manifesting your wildest dreams. It holds a twin smokey quartz crystal, citrine, and peridot, set in textured copper.  The un-equal sides of the smokey quartz is especially usefull when working on a relationship where manifesting unconditional love. 20" chain


Smokey Quartz~ I am grounded and centered in my physical body and I work to achieve my goals. Grounding. Unconditional love. 


Citrine~ I open myself up to the inspiration of my creative imagination. Through the strength of my own will, aligned with divine will, I manifest my dreams. 


Peridot~ I gratefully except my birthright of success,  abundance, and prosperity on all levels. 


Copper~ I call on the heavens and earth to provide healing energies needed for my optimum health



Manifestation Amulet



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